Explanation of Phrases in the Elements of Medical Decision-Making Table

Explanation of Phrases in the Elements of Medical Decision-Making Table as of January 1, 2023 in Order to Select the Most Appropriate Level of E/M Service   Minimal problem: A problem that may not require the presence of the physician or other qualified health care professional, but the service is provided under the physician’s or […]

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Concise Review: Cellular Senescence, Receptor Dysfunction, Faulty Wound Healing

Chronic wounds are associated with very unique intracellular and extracellular/ ECM interactions both in cellular senescence and in growth factor deficiency but also with receptor dysfunction. Integrins are the main cellular receptors that mediate cell-ECM interaction and cell-cell mediated interactions. They anchor cells to their surrounding environment and transduce a variety of signals that influence […]

The Academy Of Minimally Invasive Foot And Ankle Surgery Cadaver Seminar

The Academy of Minimally Invasive Foot and Ankle Surgery Cadaver Seminar in Orlando Florida was a huge success this past weekend February 24-26th. Practical examinations were provided for many who strive for MIFAS Board Certification. The ABMSP booth supported the Academy and was well attended, with certification information provided by Association Manager Jenna Ayala, Dr. Neal Vichinsky […]

Chicago 2021 MIFAS Event

Chicago TJ Ahn’s 2021 International MIFAS Cadaver Lab Workshop was yet again, a very impressive event held at the Orthopedic Learning Center in Rosemont, Illinois. Dr. Ahn (MIFAS diplomate # 001) successfully doubled the size of his learning group to nearly 70 participants, and 2 dozen faculty for this event despite the challenges of COVID […]