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Frequently Asked Questions, by the Expert
January 21, 2013

Every month, Dr. Warshaw will offer medical coding advice and answers to the most commonly asked questions that affect podiatrists.

Michael G. Warshaw, DPM, CPC, CPODCS, COCS, CSFAC is a practicing podiatrist and a certified medical coder with over 25 years of successful coding, management, and training experience for podiatric practices. His national and local views come from active participation as a practicing podiatrist, having the distinction of being a certified professional coder, and years of serving as a national lecturer concerning coding issues. Dr. Warshaw’s experience is unique and comprehensive. He also has the advantage of being an “expert witness” in all facets of the Medicare Appeals Process as well as the court system, both civil and criminal. Dr. Warshaw is committed to assist podiatric practices in learning to code appropriately, obtain the proper reimbursement , and to avoid the wrath of the Medicare Administrative Carriers by coding and billing properly.

Do you have a coding question for the expert? Leave a comment and look for an answer in the upcoming blog posts.