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Student/Resident Membership
January 13, 2019

American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry is pleased to announce a student and resident membership. As a student/resident member, you will gain membership in an organization where you can eventually earn board certification in Primary Care in Podiatric Medicine, Foot and Ankle Surgery, Prevention and Treatment of Diabetic Foot Wounds, and Limb Preservation and Salvage. ABMSP is also working with various surgical vendors to provide student/resident training with specific products, and get a reduced rate for conferences. Furthermore, with the help of various sponsors, ABMSP is anticipating scholarship awards for our student and resident members.

ABMSP plans to elect a student delegate from each school, representing that school, who will then report to a specified board member. The student delegate would be responsible for some student publication material. Student and resident members would be encouraged to submit original research, review articles, and interesting cases. Accepted materials would be posted on the ABMSP website in the student/resident tab.

All student and residents are encouraged to apply. Please stay tuned for more information regarding this new membership. Any questions please feel free to contact Victor Quijano DPM, PhD at [email protected]

Student delegate responsibilities

  1. Recruit and maintain membership at respective school
  2. Encourage members to contribute original research, review articles, and interesting case write ups.
  3. Monthly or bi-monthly phone conversations with specified board member regarding publication materials for the website or newsletter.
  4. Once student has been elected a school delegate, such delegate will be furnished with an ABMSP CD with organization and membership materials for informational sessions at the delegate’s school.
  5. Relay information that the student members may deem important to discuss in a newsletter.