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A Letter to Friends
January 24, 2013

I wanted to take this opportunity to share my insights as to the value of our board certifications. I want all of us to be aware of how important our board certifications have become.

First off, let me acknowledge that at least two members of our board of directors have been mentioned as part of the top 100 most influential podiatrists in the country. This says something for our leadership. Congratulations once again to Dr. Earl Horowitz; and I myself am proud to be the other honored member. I pledge to use my positive image to promote a constructive and innovative image for podiatry and our board.

To that end, I also must tell you that I have retained a rather significant role at University of California San Diego. I am developing a Limb Preservation and Salvage Center at the prestigious University Of California San Diego Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center. I was accepted into this prestigious role by virtue of my credentials from ABMSP!

In addition, this certification has given me staff privileges at four other respected major hospitals in the San Diego area and I have never been denied acceptance to any insurance panel because of board certification.

My accomplishments are many because of ABMSP; and I owe this success to our prestigious credential. Lets all be proud of it; and with confidence and strength relate this to our podiatric and medical colleagues. We have created significant accomplishments in the medical and podiatric worlds, and an extraordinary opportunity to further impact our profession; as well as the ability to positively impact the lives and professions of our current and future podiatric colleagues.

We have done well, my friends. I am truly honored to be part of ABMSP!

Thank you,

Kenneth Rehm, DPM
Treasurer, ABMSP Board of Directors